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The word Terpene is a term that is becoming much more popular in the cannabis industry. As new methods, technologies, and science are leading us to better understanding of cannabis, we are starting to see that the effects of cannabis are attributable to more than just its cannabinoid content. These other components can be first examined with a quick smell of your cannabis.


Terpenes are a fragrant oil that give cannabis an aromatic flare, and are found in cannabis as well as, fruits, herbs, and other plants. They give strains like Sour Diesel is fuel smell, Durango Lemon Purps its lemon aroma, and Sage N’ Sour its earthy sage flavor. These oils are secreted in the buds sticky resin glands that contain the cannabinoids we are all familiar with.

Similar to cannabinoids like THC and CBD, terpenes also bind to receptors in the brain to influence a number of effects. When choosing a strain keep in mind that the terpene profiles will be influenced by harvest procedures and cure methods. So find a reputable company who does full terpene and microbial testing with a certified lab. Lab-tested products are the only way to ensure you know what is in your smoke.



This terpene is found in many different edible plants, and is known for its peppery spicy attributes. Spices like cloves, rosemary, hops, and black pepper all exhibit high amounts of caryophellene. Due to its binding abilities to our peripheral CB2 receptors, this terpene has been studied and often appears in many topical cannabis products.

Potential health benefits:

- Anti-cancer – (especially when paired with humulene terpene)

Anti-anxiety and anti-depression

Alcohol craving suppressant

Anti-inflamitory – analgesic


Pinene is an aromatic compound often found in cannabis, and receives its name from its powerful pine tree flavor. It can also be found in certain pine trees, orange peels, pine needles, rosemary, and turpentine.

Potential health benefits:

- Bronchodilator

- Promotes Alertness

- Anti-Inflamitory


Myrcene is a terpene that is often found in robust fragrant plants and herbs. It is most commonly found in mangos, thyme, lemongrass, and hops. Some have suggested that this terpene can cause  sedative-like effects such as “couch-lock.”

Potential health benefits:

- Sedative

- Antibiotic

- Anti-inflammatory

- Analgesic

Evidence suggests that eating a ripe mango before consuming cannabis may actually accentuate or extend the psychoactive effects of cannabis; It is believed that this is due to the fruit’s concentrations of myrcene, which is naturally synergistic with THC and allows cannabinoids to more easily bridge the blood-brain barrier. Read More.


This terpene is an isomeric hydrocarbon that is widely found in a variety of fruits and vegtables. It is distinguished by its herbaceous, earthy and often hints of sweet aromas. Ocimene occurs naturally in products like mint, pepper, basil, and mangos.

Potenital health benefits:

- Antiviral

- Antifungal

- Antiseptic

- Decongestant

- Antibacterial


Limonene is hydrocarbon classified as a cyclic teprene and is one of the most common terpenes found in nature. Limonene is one of the more popular terpenes among concentrate producers due to its sweet citric aromas. Although this terpene is relatively new to the cannabis market, it has actually been used throughout history for its medicinal properties.

Potential health benefits:

- Anti-bacterial

Stress relief

- Anti-fungal

- Anti-cancer

-Elevated mood

- May help with heartburn

"Being an excellent solvent of cholesterol, d-limonene has been used clinically to dissolve cholesterol-containing gallstones. Because of its gastric acid neutralizing effect and its support of normal peristalsis, it has also ben used for relief of heartburn."

Jidong Sun, PhD pg.259


Humulene is a naturally occurring monocyclic sesquiterpene that is found in hops, basil, and clove. It is known for its earthy and sage aroma that is often accompanied by spicy herbal notes. While humulene is associated with many health benefits, one of the more interesting of them all is that it is an appetite suppressant.

Potential health benefits:

- Anti-bacterial

- Anti-inflamitory



Linalool is a naturally occurring terpene that is found in spices and flowers like lavender and coriander. Its aroma is complex, but light. Linalool has been around for centuries and has been used as a scent to combat stress and anxiety.

Potential health benefits:

- Anti-anxiety

- Sedative

- Anti- depression

- Analgesic

- Anti-epileptic


Champhene is a monoterpene that is often confused with a more common terpene, humulene, because of its damp, woodland, musky earth aroma. Although it is not often a major terpene in cannabis, it has been shown to have the ability to decrease cardiovascular disease by lowing the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood.

Possible health benefits:

- Anti-fungal

- Anti-bacterial

- Combat heart disease

Antioxidant when paired with vitamin C

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