World Class Genetics.

It starts with pure genetics, plain and simple.  We source our strains from the best breeders around the world. Through those relationships we can ensure that what we cultivate produces the cleanest, proven, and ultimate mountain high for you to enjoy.



We're Not Just Another Cannabis Company

Innovation, dedication, purity, and love. The Durango difference is our way of life and our love for what we do, and we put that into everything we grow, providing you with the greatest cannabis experience possible. 




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Obsessed With Quality

We start with world class genetics. Then we create the perfect environment using the best indoor cultivation technology, to maximize the potential of every plant. We hand craft each batch and only release product to our consumer at the peak of perfection. 

Community Centered

We support our local community and the larger cannabis community through outreach, sponsorship, and advocacy. Supporting a culture of acceptance and inclusion. We strive every day to create an environment where Cannabis is celebrated.  

Sustainably Grown

Our state of the art cultivation facility was built from the ground up specifically for a marijuana grow. We grow in live soil, use the latest technology to save energy, recycle 99% of our water, use only organic nutrients, and never use chemical pesticides.  




The Durango Difference

Living in Durango gives us a different outlook on life. We walk out the door and are simply in awe of our surroundings... The people, the mountains, and the town. Durango is a place of inspiration where we have been inspired to grow our business, and the best cannabis in Colorado. The Durango culture, and influence is a part of what we grow and how we grow it. 



Where We Started.

We began as certified naturally grown food farmers, growing over sixty varieties of heirloom fruits and vegetables. We learned about genetics, soil and nutrients literally from the ground up. Our years of growing cannabis and vegetables symbiotically taught us to respect genetic integrity. We began to travel the world to find unique strains, enlisting our friends to do the same.  Strains from places like Laos, Mongolia and Brazil. Some were awful... others were epic.  We experimented, tested, failed, succeeded and took our real world knowledge and experience and started one of the first legal grows in Southern Colorado. Our organic farming roots and passion for cannabis helped us grow into the company we are today.

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