Our Story

Why We Love Durango 

Durango is a small town at the foot of the La Plata Mountain Range in southwestern Colorado. We’re here because we want to be. We ski at Purgatory, not Vail. When the snow melts, we kayak the Animas River and mountain bike the  San Juans. We drink Ska Pinstripe. Our trucks are perpetually covered in red dirt. We appreciate the value of hard work…and the importance of a powder day. We craft things with our hands because we believe they are simply better that way. Durango is one of a kind. And so is the Cannabis we grow here. 

Our Values

What's at our core

Quality above all else. That means we craft our cannabis by hand, and tailor our process to each strain. We'll only release our product at the peak of its cure.

Community. We support our local community and the larger cannabis community through outreach and encouraging a culture of acceptance and transparency. 

Education.  We provide everyone from budtenders to consumers with accurate information on every aspect of our process, our strains, and how Cannabis can improve their lives.  

Exploration.  We are "Durangatangs" first and foremost. That means ski days, BBQ's at 10,000ft., river trips, concerts... and going where the trail ends.

Genetic Integrity.  With the support of the scientific community we provide you with pure, verifiable genetics.  

Collaboration.  We work with dispensaries, MIPs, seed breeders, product developers, geneticists and legendary local brands to co-create unique products and services that can elevate the cannabis experience.

Tradition.  We respect the right way to do things.  Firm handshakes… look people in the eye.  That your word is enough and you do what you say.   We appreciate and honor those who came before us… pioneers in the industry.

Sustainability.   We grow in the best live soil, use state of the art systems that save energy and water, use only organic nutrients and never use chemical pesticides.   

Our Team

Meet the Durango Family

We've been friends for years... starting in our teens.  We've kayaked class V rapids, skied knee deep powder, and grown more varieties of cannabis than we thought possible. Over those years we experimented, tested, failed, succeeded and took our real world knowledge and experience to build this company from the ground up. For such a young team, we have a self-set standard of professionalism to bring to this industry. We understand the value of working hard and playing even harder... when we get an opportunity to. We value balance and perspective, putting the health of our team and plants first. We are an independent company reintroducing the Colorado market to the old traditions of growing cannabis.  At the end of the day, its about creating the dream of Durango Cannabis Company with your best friends in the best mountain town in Colorado. We are happily camped outside the norm and intend to stay there. 

Caroline Borst

Director of Brand Development and Media Marketing

Winston Connor III

Director of Sales

Cody Young

Director of Marketing and Compliance

Billy Miller

Cultivation Manager

Jesse Timm

Post Production Manager

Ryan Snapper

Propagation & Hash Manager

Jacob Guilbault


Blake Weesner


Terry Couch

Assistant Grower

Colton Glasco

Assistant Grower

Ben Fauber

Post Production Member

Matthew Fontaine

Post Production Member

Our Process

How we grow

  1. Genetically verified seeds.
  2. 100% organic soil.
  3. Natural nutrients and zero pesticides.
  4. Strain specific grow cycles.
  5. Glass cured.