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Bubba Blumese Backstory

The Bubba Blumese is a project that started in the greenhouses by Star Seeds. There was one objective: Grow massive indica dominant plants with incredible terpene profiles. Bubba Blumese is a heavy hitting indica and is not to be taken lightly by novice smokers. The terpene profile leads heavily into a sweet berry mixture that leaves you craving more. While the amazing taste will have you reaching for more, it's couch-locking high will keep your motivation in check. 

Through the combination of the legendary Blue Dream with a Burmese Kush the male parent was born. This was subsequently crossed to the classic Bubba Kush. The already stony Blumese Kush profile is further “Kushed out” by the Bubba Kush and while the flavor stays on the sweet side of things, there is a underlying flavor of coffee and hash.

Her flowers come out big and dense with beautiful orange hairs reaching out to the light. The fan and sugar leaves fade from shades of green, red, and purple Bubba Blumese making for one big beautiful cannabis plant. 



NameBubba Blumese
Type Indica (20% Sativa, 80% Indica)
THC 23.59 % CBD 0
Bubba Kush x (Blue Dream x Burmese Kush)
Sweet, Berry, Kush, Rubber




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