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Wild Thai Backstory

One of DCC's Pride and Joys is our Wild Thai strain sourced from Thailand. This strain took 3rd Place in the 2019 Connoisseur Cup for Best Sativa and also won a bronze medal for Best Sativa in the 2017 Concentrate Cup.  After years of R&D and pheno-hunting, this strain was just released to the market on 4/20, 2019 

Wild Thai is an incredibly rare, 100% pure sativa strain descended from the infamous Thai Landrace strain bred in the Ko Chang archipelago. This strain is packed with sweet, earthy, and berry aromas with a touch of herbs and pine. The flavor is woody and sweet with a sour berry taste that lingers long after your last toke. Wild Thai will lift your mood and leave you feeling incredibly euphoric, without being overly racy. If you are looking for an old school strain that will leave you energetic, motivated, this is the perfect strain for you.


NameWild Thai
Type Sativa (100% Sativa, 0% Indica)
THC 27.84% CBD 0%
Landrace strain bred in the Ko Chang Archipelago
Earthy, Spicy, Sweet, Citrus




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