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Kush N' Cheese Backstory

Kush-N-Cheese took us by surprise with it's complex aroma and taste qualities. True to it's name you can identify both cheese and kush properties as you smell and smoke this strain. The end result is a flavor profile invoking the cheese overtones with hints of lemons and citrus. As you exhale the smoke the classic metallic kush flavor linger on your tongue. 

This mix of flavors is one of the triumphs of the Dinafem cross: a very special, complex and intense flavor that wins users over from the very first puff. Its aroma is just as impressive, as this variety gives off a strong scent. The end result is a plant capable of dazzling the senses.


NameKush N' Cheese
Type Hybrid (40% Sativa, 60% Indica)
THC 18 CBD 0
UK Cheese x Emerald OG Kush
Lemon, Cheese, Kush, Oil




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