Cody Young

Published on Sep 23 in Cannabis

Your account has been disabled.

Ouch. Having had this happen just over a year ago we took necessary precautions. Blocked & restricted toxic people. Kept account private. Stayed away from certain keywords and phrases. All that extra work out the window a few days ago. We received that dreaded message and begun the process of getting the account reactivated and starting up another account.

However as I was writing up this little post I received an email from Instagram stating that one of the numerous appeals I had sent worked! 

Sweet relief. But that feeling of having the all that worked snatched away without a so much a warning hasn't left. The back-ups we had been brainstorming will continue to go into affect. Keep a look out for more blog posts and cross posts to our Facebook page. We will remain active on Instagram and keep on expanding our reach. 


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