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Published on Feb 06 in Cannabis


If you’re looking to grow cannabis from seed for the first time one of the most important components is choosing a trustworthy seed breeder. It is important to find a reputable company that has a successful breeding track record. If you are having a hard time choosing one, look at their awards, how long they have been established, and then contact the company to ask about their process.


If this is for personal use please abide by the laws and regulations in your residing state.


Cannabis is one of the most diverse species of plant in the world. Regardless of whether its an indica, sativa, or hybrid some strains will be trickier to grow than others. Some breeding sites, such as World of Seeds or Seed finder, will give you an idea about the “growability” of a strain.

Indica dominant strains will often be smaller and stockier with a shorter flowering period, so you may opt to grow an Indica dominant strain if time and space are a concern. Sativa’s on the other hand generally take more time to flower and are taller and stretchy by nature.


When it comes to starting your seeds there are a few different approaches you should consider. Many people choose to use the moist paper towel method to germinate their seeds. For my at home grow I personally prefer to sow the seed directly into the soil, this is a personal preference after a few summers of trial and lots of error! I prefer to do this because I find that planting directly into soil reduces any stress that the seedlings would otherwise endure during transplant. That being said, the moist paper towel method is also extremely effective!



Take two normal sized paper towels and moisten them with a spray bottle. Place one of the paper towels on a plate. Place your seeds on the paper towel placed on the plate and then cover with the other moistened paper towel. Note: it is important for the paper towels to be moist, but not overly wet. With a second plate, cover the top. You should see the seeds crack open and a taproot emerge within a few days. Some seeds will take longer than others, so stay patient. Keep your germination station at or above room temperature.

Once the taproot has emerged it is important to immediately get them into whatever medium you are growing in. Your growing medium options include: Soil, Rockwool, Coconut nibs, Hydroton, and Peat moss. With a clean finger poke a hole into the center of your grow area. Generally our hole is around ½ inch to 3/4 inch.

Using tweezers, carefully place your seed into the growing medium with the taproot facing down. It is important to be careful during transplant because the taproot is extremely sensitive. After you have placed the seed into your growing medium moisten the material lightly with a spray bottle and wait!!



Pre-soake your soil, take a clean finger and poke a hole into the center of your grow area. Generally our hole is around ½ inch to 3/4 inch. Place the seed into the hole. Gently fill in the hole and cover the seed with a thin layer of soil.

For best germination success do not plant your seeds too deeply, keep soil moist (again not wet), and warm. Covering the top of your growing container with plastic wrap can also help maintain soil humidity. A heating mat can also be utilized underneath your grow receptacle to increase your success rate.

Place the containers on a well-lit windowsill or in a heated propagator. Remove cover as soon as seedlings emerge. Place them in a warm, well lit, area to continue development. 


A new sprout from both methods should break ground in about 3-6 days. If you are sowing directly into soil this process may take longer. Once they begin developing a good root system, you can start watering them instead of spraying them. Make sure your seedling is under adequate grow lighting and you keep the medium moist! Once they have developed leaves that reach to the outer point of your grow container it is time to transplant (see photo below).

You can probably transplant it a day or two before the leaves reach this length.

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If you are starting your seedlings in small containers it is important to transplant them at this time so that your seedlings do not become rootbound, where the roots have wrapped all the way around the outsides of the container because they have no where else to grow. Limiting your seedlings root space will slow down their growth process, often leaving them looking droopy and with deficiencies. 

One final note: If this is your first time growing remember to be patient and that it is a process of trial and error! For any other information regarding methods for germination feel free to contact us at [email protected] 

Happy Growing!!!

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