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Published on Feb 17 in News

Instagram and its parent company Facebook have a long history of banning cannabis related content from their platforms in what often feels like an unfair approach. "Why does "x" account get to stay up while ours or other accounts we know get taken down?" Is a question I find many in the industry asking themselves. In the past few months multiple accounts ranging from genetics, seed companies, growers, and massive legal operations have seen their accounts disabled with little to no warning.

One such legal operation in Canada spoke with Leafly and the Owner's words are spot-on.

Instagram asked me for a phone number change and when that happened and I changed the phone number, it locked me out of the account and said we had violated the community guidelines and then that was that,” stated Roch.

“I can’t even appeal. I found a random email form on Instagram and that’s been the only way to appeal it that I’ve found, but I haven’t heard back anything.”


As someone who has gone through this process multiple times now with varying degrees of success I empathize with their situation. We recently lost our Instagram account with close to 2,000 followers I had organically grown over the past year. The setbacks on social media while not a detriment to our business does affect our reach to particular demographics and potential consumers. While we have been forced to create another Instagram account and will continue to utilize the platform, we are also exploring other cannabis friendly social media platforms such as CannaBuzz 

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