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Published on Oct 30 in Cannabis


While there is a significant stereotype surrounding marijuana smokers with being lazy and unmotivated, that’s not the whole truth. There are strains that can put their user in serious "couch locked", invigorated them with an energetic high, or a bit of both. Certain strains can make their user feel energetic, motivated and believe it or not clear-headed, leaving them ready to take on the day.

There are three major distinctions that people often make about marijuana; that a strain is a Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid. Of these three, more often then not, you will find that just about every strain has a bit of both. Below are a few ways Indica and Sativa are described:


Indica is often associated with being a heavy body high that makes you locked to your couch. It has the potential of making its user drowsy, relaxed, and stoned.


On the other hand a sativa is often associated with a cerebral high, that can leave you feeling potentially motivated, creative, and in some cases anxious.


The image above is a generalization of the effects and generalized characteristics of a Sativa Vs. Indica.


Although we often classify the effects of cannabis as Sativa or Indica it is actually the Terpene profiles and Cannabinoids within each strain that provide the specific affects one can feel. The perfect mix of those two things can produce a productive, uplifting, and creative drive. If you're interested in finding a motivating high to jump start your day here are 5 strains that bust the myth that all cannabis makes you lazy:



Is one of the more classic strains of cannabis, and has been found in multiple different crosses. Diesel will give its users a euphoric, cerebral high, so it could be perfect for outdoor activities, some need-to-do paperwork or any other task that requires the strength of mind above all else.



One of the most popular strains on the market to date and one of the best strains to improve your day, this strain is a personal favorite of DCC's because it gives its users an uplifting, euphoric effect. It should provide you with enough energy to get through what ever task is at hand without a crash at the end. 



An almost pure sativa this strain is known for its sweet aroma and the uplifting, cerebral high. You can expect a smooth toke with a slight lemon aftertaste. If you are looking for a strain to jumpstart your day this is the perfect one for you!



A perfect blend of sweet and bitter citrus flavors, Jilly bean is a perfect hybrid for user seeking a relaxing yet mentally active experience. It is potent, but won't leave you feeling bogged down and unproductive. This strain is perfect for a relaxing day of slow work or just unwinding. For those users who often feel anxious when smoking sativa dominant strains this is a strain that will not cause panic or discomfort.



This strain has super delicious Thai flavors and uplifting effects. It is however a rare 100% sativa, so its effects are going to be very potent and tingly. For those who love strong sativa and thrive from smoking them this is the ultimate uplifting, energetic, euphoric high! 


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