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Published on Dec 01 in Cannabis


With the holiday season just around the corner, we asked ourselves what cannabis strains are best for these epic yearly occasions? Regardless of what you believe or celebrate everyone could use a bit of green to light up their holiday experience. For those looking to find a relaxing strain that will amplify their appetite we have got the perfect selection for you. For others looking to party the night away with friends on new years, we’ve got you covered as well.

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Note, some strains have different phenotypes, meaning that the presence of certain terpenes and cannabinoids may vary making some effect stronger than others, so be sure to ask your budtender!


#1 Northern Lights: For the smoker looking to curl up on moms couch.

This strain is a hard-hitting Indica. It provides ultimate relaxation for the holiday season, however, be aware – it is often used to help its users with insomnia, so if you are prone to falling asleep after ingesting large amounts of delicious food and possibly drinking alcohol (which is a sedative) you will without a doubt find yourself passed out. This is definitely a strain for before desert not the pre-game.


2. OG Kush: For the smoker who wants to watch the Grinch for about 30 mins.

This strain is the perfect choice for the holiday relaxer. Due to the fact that it is a hybrid, smokers will likely experience some cerebral sativa effects, along with stress-relieving relaxation from the indica. Although it does have sativa qualities this strain is known to make its users sleepy so don’t be surprised if after the Yule log you are ready to curl up with a warm blanket and nod off.


#3: Jack Herer: For the wake, bake, and be jolly person!

This strain often presents with an abundance of Pinene and Caryophyllene, making it taste like clove and pine. It is a sativa dominant strain that will leave you energetic and in the holiday spirit, perfect for socializing with the family. Due to its vibrant uplifting nature, we recommend smoking this strain in the morning around a fire with a giant cup of cocoa!


#4 White widow: If you have no snow this season here is something frosty for you!

A classic hybrid that will give you EPIC munchies! If you’re looking to be the hungry hippo of the family this holiday season this is the perfect strain for you. Not only will this strain enhance your appetite, its indica blend will also provide some relaxation from potentially an overbearing uncle or aunt.


#5 Sour Diesel: Good for any occasion.

Finally a classic, Sour Diesel! This east coast strain has always been a favorite among smokers and growers alike. It is sativa dominant that is the perfect strain for any social setting. This strain is sure to be a hit on New Years Eve, or even for the pregame before Christmas dinner.


Happy Holidays!

Now that you know a few essential holiday strains, we hope that you will enjoy all of your holiday festivities. Roast some potatoes, pour hot cocoa, bake some pies, yourself and your loved ones! If you have any question at all feel free to drop us a line and a DCC team member will get back to you as soon as possible.

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